Friday, July 5, 2013

Rusted Metal Roofing

Every fall, my sister-in-law and I always go to the Parade of Homes in Cache Valley. When we began this tradition, Barbara was remodeling her house after a fire and was looking for home decorating ideas. I went because it is always fun to be with Barbara. Recently, at least since Scott and I have begun building our house, I’m also looking for ideas.

In one of last year’s homes, the homeowner had covered the back of the wet bar with corrugated metal. I absolutely fell in love with the idea. Since the back of our kitchen counter needed some sort of facade, this seemed the perfect place to use that corrugated metal idea. But I didn’t want shiny silver metal. I wanted rusted metal that had been sitting on a farmer’s barn roof for years and years.

Since no farmers were knocking on our door, offering us the roof off their barns, I resorted to the shopping mall to the universe - the internet. There I found plenty of silver, galvanized roofing material, but nothing pre-rusted. Apparently farmers don’t sell their barn roofs on the internet either.

Eventually I came across Their product was exactly what we needed. It had the look of rusted metal, without the mess that, on occasion, accompanies shedding rust. The product we chose was metal painted in a pattern that mimics the look of rusted metal. We could get corrugated or flat. We chose flat. The metal is a heavier gauge than most corrugated roofing materials and less expensive. We could afford to use this in three places in the house - the entryway, the kitchen and in Scott’s office.


  1. It's hard to look for a rusty metal roof, but I'm glad that you found a seller to finish your roofing projects. I can imagine how the rusty look can create a vintage look in your house. I wonder if you're done with the construction. Did you share the details of the roof already? Please keep me updated. :)

    Town & Country Roofing

  2. Rusty but with no rust? That’s something. But I have to admit, there are times that a few rust spots help make something look better. A shiny surface often gets the impression of being unused, while a rusted facade give the idea of being “seasoned”.


  3. The rusted roof does give it some sort of “lived-in” appeal and would definitely look great on a ranch house, though the rust factor could be a problem when it comes to weathering the seasons. It’s great that you found something that emulates it, while still maintaining the integrity of the product. Kinda gives me an idea for a storage shed I’ve planned to do in the future. Thanks for the link!

    Charles Terry Construction Co.

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