Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Accounting for Fun

Since I must return to work in Logan soon, our summer building season is quickly drawing to a close. Reviewing the "to do" list last week provided great satisfaction because we were able to cross off most of our projects.

The Pretty Big Things:
* grout and seal the bedroom floor
* finish  Scott's office: metal on counters and put trim on walls
* add the facade to the entryway pony wall and install doorknob coat hangers
* hang exterior lights and cover outlets
* build wheelchair ramp
* clean and re-wax the veranda posts

 And the Really Big Ones
* sand, stain and place the window seat
* apply last plaster coat and aliz to exterior
* paint exterior bump outs
* lay veranda pavers
* THE KITCHEN: oven, counter, sink and cooktop (We're in the middle of putting down the cork floor right now.)


Mom, Scott and Jessica standing beside clean posts

The finished window seat

An almost completed kitchen

The bathroom fully ready for use

An inviting veranda

Riley, Scott and I had time for a trip to Blind Lake, a popular destination on Boulder Mountain.

Still, Scott and Riley couldn't resist a bit more construction.

But, despite a brief few hours spent searching for two of our llamas who got off their stake out lines, we had plenty of time for skipping stones.