Friday, July 5, 2013

Office Space

Scott is a freelance photographer. (You can see some of his work at For years he has been working in the basement of our Cache Valley house which was built in 1981. That was before the era of computers, scanners, light tables, laser printers and the continually growing array of equipment needed for the 21st century photographer. The age of that house has a direct correlation to the number of cords that are plugged into outlet strips. At last count, Scott had 27 pieces of hardware that required electricity. If the fire marshal inspected his office, I’m certain he would issue several warnings and maybe even a citation or two.

Since we will be moving Scott's business to Torrey, we planned for an office with plenty of space and an abundance of outlets. The fire marshal will have no need to worry about too many cords and too few receptacles.

The office is another place where we have employed that beautiful painted metal from

Here you can se the many outlets that will accommodate Scott's equipment. The other side of the work station has the same outlet capacity - 48 in all.

I think Scott is looking forward to working in this space...nothing at all like the basement in Logan.

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