Monday, October 28, 2013

Two Week's Worth

--> My favorite part of a creating a list is checking off the items as they are completed. I’ve even contemplated adding “Make a list” to each one I compile so I’m able to check off something as soon as the list is written. It’s a thought.

Now that our construction to-do list is getting shorter and shorter, I’m compelled to make an accounting of everything we accomplish during each Torrey visit. Our most recent trip was fifteen days long. Here’s the list:

Completed Elfa closet
Completed dry river around house
Installed mechanical room door
Installed trim around mechanical room door
Moved all of the dirt piles away
Wrapped fruit trees
Winterized garden
Reinforced fence
Checked the yurt for holes
Removed bathroom fixtures from office bathroom in preparation for plaster
Finished lath in office bathroom
            (Repaired bathroom wiring after I put a staple through
             two wires and blew out the lights)
Checked smoke alarms
Planned bamboo fence to go around propane tank
Planned bamboo railing for bedroom
Wrapped exposed wires on solar panel
Planned pantry for living room
Staked future fence line between house and pasture
Staked future driveway

Built firewood rack and kindling box
Once all of that was done, we felt justified in going on a three-day llama trip.

We even went to our neighbors’ apple tasting party! We brought these Kerr crabapples from our trees in Logan. They were a hit!

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