Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Window Seat

The best thing about our house is the view out the windows of the south bump out. From the beginning, we planned for a seat under those windows so we could spend many hours looking at our world in comfort. To that end, Mel Olsen, our cabinet maker in Cache Valley, built a beautiful pine window seat in four sections. We brought those sections to Torrey at the same time we brought Riley from Salt Lake. And he became the key to our ability to finish the list we had received from the inspector in June.

The south bump out is the one exterior wall that is not made of straw. We thought installing such huge windows on top of just two rows of bales was not worth the challenges. Instead of straw, this is a stud wall filled with Icynene, the castor oil-based, foam insulation we also used in the bump out ceiling. This stud wall makes the installation of our window seat very easy, especially when compared to other projects.

 Riley and I sanded and stained the window seat sections.

Once the sections were in place in the south bump out, Riley screwed them securely to the stud wall.

I put the shelves in place, awaiting the day when they would be filled with books.

The finished window seat is a great spot to play the guitar, contemplate the day, or

just enjoy watching the world.

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