Friday, June 3, 2011

Season Three Begins

In the first week of May, Scott and I headed to Torrey for our first attempt at gearing up for the new building season. The long winter and reluctant spring sent us south with hopes for a few warm days to, among other things, plant more new trees and to oversee the installation of siding to the gables and sides above the porch. We drove in and out of showers and cold wind and arose the first morning to two inches of snow. This was not what we had in mind.

 Despite the frigid start, the days gradually warmed, and Kirk and Butch had our siding on in no time at all. In fact, in this movie, you can see that it only took them one minute and forty-two seconds, or two days in real time. By the time we left, our short chore list, was complete.

Sunday we head back to Torrey. This is the summer our house will begin to look like a house instead of a fancy picnic pavilion. By fall, we’ll have the straw bale walls erected and at least one coat of plaster on the exterior and the interior.

We hope the weather gods are watching over us and are in a benevolent mood.

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