Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Things First

Two weeks ago we arrived back in Torrey for the third summer of building. Our initial plan was to have our entire house completed by the end of this year. But, as every book we read cautioned and as every person we talked with told us, building your own home takes far more time and much more money than you think. Still, this is the season our house will really begin to look like a house. You know, with with walls, windows and even doors. I am anxious for our bales of straw to make the short journey from their temporary home in the garage to their permanent location in the walls of our house.

First things first though. We had to frame all of the window and door bucks. These are the wooden frames that provide the rough opening and structure into which our Serious Windows and Thermatru Doors (with Serious Glass) will be installed. Scott and Doug completed those this week! With nail guns in hand, they transformed piles of 2X6s and 4X4s, into the openings for 14 windows and 6 doors. These few words make that task seem rather simple, but aching backs, creaking joints and not just a few sore muscles attest to the effort this took.

You can see some of their handiwork here.

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