Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wish Lists

Today when Scott and I were walking around the block and discussing the upcoming building season, I brought up the wish list. It includes items that we really need for season two. Because we are working within the confines of a budget, we're looking for creative ways to obtain the use of the following items:

1) a box scraper for the tractor to be used to level the ground
2) a refrigerator to replace the ice chest we've been using in the yurt
3) a post hole digger / auger so we can plant the trees we've ordered from the conservation district
4) a band saw to cut the braces for the timber frame
5) bucket forks for the loader on the tractor to move the king trusses out of the garage and into place for raising the frame
6) a mortar mixer to mix the plaster for the walls

We hope someone reading this blog will be able to help with the list. Can we rent these? Does someone have them for sale at an affordable price? Any leads are appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mary and Scott, love reading your blog, wish I could be of some help with your wish list, but I am over in Virginia, too far to help. I love to read about alternative home building and find the idea of straw bale intriguing. Found you by way of looking for info on straw bale houses. Please keep blogging and I will check back periodically on your progress. Good luck with your home.