Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Solutions

At the beginning of our first building season (March 2009), Scott and I outlined a plan of action for our three-year building adventure. As mentioned in an earlier posting, we actually completed everything on our To Do List that first season. What a great way to end the first leg of our journey!

That outline listed complete and raise the timber frame, construct the roof and raise the bale walls for season two. Those are still our goals. However, now that we know a little more (often a precarious position), it is apparent that we need to refine that list by adding the baby steps we'll take along the way. We also have other things to add to the list. Two of those projects have moved to the top.

The first comes about because we'd like to begin work again in April. April in Torrey can be windy and cold. Our yurt has no insulation at all, and often it seems colder inside than out. We've located a used wood burning stove which we plan to install. This will ward off the chill and give our yurt yet another homey touch.

Second, we have four cats: Pete, Stentor, Missy and Rusty. Last year they spent a long, lonely summer stuck in our house in Logan. Our very kind neighbors, Don and Patty, fed the foursome and kept an eye out for their general well-being. But I really missed the cats, and it is really kind to ask your neighbors do continue with such a big favor for another summer? No! So we need to build a cattery which will be attached to our garage.Through a pet door, the cats will have access to the cattery during the day and the garage at night. I'm reluctant to let them scamper about unwatched. I've heard unhappy stories about cats who get lost in a new setting. And what about the owls and coyotes in the neighborhood? Yes, a cattery is a good solution.

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  1. Howdy neighbor.

    We own property off Sand Creek Road and have been threatening to build a timber frame straw bale house on it. We'd love to come for a visit, and would volunteer help apply clay plasters when the time comes.

    John and Linda,
    t h u d h e a d * at * g m a i l d o t c o m