Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Regularly in the past, Scott and I have wished we'd had a chance to practice on a project before we built the real thing. If practice had been possible, our projects might have resulted in more polished outcomes.

With our yurt, we get that opportunity to practice. Because we built the wall lattice, rafters and compression ring when we were first married, it has been nearly 25 years since much of the yurt was put together. Needless to say, we've forgotten a bit since then.

A new twist is the recent purchase of the yurt's vinyl laminate walls and roof plus the dome. These were made by the Colorado Yurt Company using our original, 25-year-old plans. Now we need to merge these two "systems." Understandably we want to do that in Logan where we have easy access to consultation, muscles and supplies. our pasture...before it rains and gets windy.

Click on this link to view our practice: yurt practice

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