Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's Next

Now we need a home away from home while we're building in Torrey. The plan? A yurt. Over twenty years ago, knowing we would use it someday, we built a yurt frame with the help of my dad. This is that someday!

Using our plans, the Colorado Yurt Company made the vinyl laminate walls, a roof and the dome for us. Here's a Youtube posting that will give an idea of what we'll be doing next...

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  1. Hello Scott and Mary

    I loved seeing ur blog and can feel ur excitement about the straw house. I have the same goal to build myself one. I live in Centerfield ut i am sure that u drive right past my home on ur way to torrey. I own property near Koosherm Res. and want to build there. I am interested in getting to know u both and to help some if u would allow me to do that. I am a contractor and have a farm also. So i am pretty busy. I would love to find time to help u out and get a feel for the straw bale home.