Monday, September 2, 2013

Final Inspection

We are not scofflaws by nature. However we have been living in our house while it has been under construction. It just didn’t make any sense to move everything back into the yurt when the water, bathroom and sleeping quarters (all heated) were nearly finished in the house.

So, to make everything legal, we asked the inspector to come back one more to time to give the stamp of approval and sign the necessary papers.

We can now "officially" move in and continue working on the long list of things to complete.


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  2. Hello, folks!
    You may not remember me, but this is Luke Porter, who delivered you straw back in 2010. I was looking up something on Google for my dad's trucking company when I happened upon a picture of my brother and me. I followed that to your blog, and was happy to find that you have recently finished the house. Congratulations on your new home; I'm sure you've earned it after all your hard work! My wife and I were in Torrey earlier this year, and I had to take her by your place to see how the house was coming along. (I also wanted to show here your yurt--we don't see those around too much.) You'll be happy to know that Aaron's wrist has made a full recovery! Thank you for your genuine kindness that day and especially for checking up on Aaron later. I am grateful that I was able to get in on a very small step in your expansive project.
    Thanks again,
    Luke Porter