Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Exterior Light Fixtures

Long before we even began erecting our yurt (and construction residence) five summers ago, I perused every strawbale book I could get my hands on. Each time I came across a feature I loved, I’d add it to my design notebook. Periodically I reviewed the pictures in order to remember what items I wanted to purchase should they go on sale.

Restoration Hardware had a sale on light fixtures at about the same time I was marking books. They had fixtures that were exactly the same as one I had bookmarked. I bought them immediately, and they have been waiting in storage until the time our walls were done.

This week, since the plaster and paint on the outside of the house are finished, Scott installed all seven lights. Each one can be turned on or off independently from the others. They are shielded from the night sky by our porch, and they are identical to the one I marked in that book four years ago.

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