Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bathroom Countertop

Our tile masters, Doug and Shanna, are in Italy this summer. Besides missing them dreadfully, we are also on our own for so many of the finishing details. This includes all of the challenges that come with tiling countertops.

I was involved, although minimally, in the tiling of our bathroom shower with the artists, Doug and Shanna. I basically watched. And Scott and I did tile the bathroom floor together last Thanksgiving. Therefore, we decided it would be within the scope of our limited abilities to tile the bathroom counter, so we went to work with the design and installation of said countertop.

I wanted to tie the design to that of the shower, so, once again, we employed the use of the small glass mosaic tiles we found previously at Home Depot. In order to select an appropriate field tile, we attempted to match the darkest brown in the shower tile as well as the dark brown in the hickory wood of the cabinets. Contempo Tile in Salt Lake City had exactly what we needed. An order was placed and received, so we went to work. In less than three days, the project was completed, although not to the caliber of Doug and Shanna.

Using a jigsaw to cut the sink hole
Screwing the 3/4-inch exterior plywood to the counter
Adhering the cement backerboard to the plywood
Covering the counters and floor with protective plastic
Beginning the mosaic backsplash
Backsplash is finished
Beginning the field tiles
The last piece
Taping the walls before caulking
Scott and I installed the sinks and faucets. Phillip will hook up the water. The folks from Jones Paint and Glass will hang the mirror within the week, and we will put in the lights. Scott said the master bathroom will be the first room to be completely finished except for maintenance and remodel. I’m certain there will be no remodeling in our future.

Waiting for water and mirror

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful counter top. The entire house looks great. I can't believe how much the house has transformed since I last saw it. It's definitely starting to look like a finished home. Great work, Mary and Scott!