Sunday, March 3, 2013

Window Trim

During the week following Presidents Day, we hoped to complete two projects: the installation of the cabinets in the kitchen and in the bathroom, and finish the interior trim on the last of our windows. We had finished four windows on a previous trip and had five more to go.

We did it. Here they are. Tada!

Closet window
Southeast office window
Northeast office window
Northwest office window
Southwest office window
We also finished the ceiling in the closet - bamboo with fir battens.

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  1. Nice! And you seem to have a lot of windows in your place, which is a good thing. The setting would be more eco-friendly, allowing more light in. Did you add cornice board on the windows? I think it would be a smart way to hide the partitions. But still, do what you think would go best with your theme. :] William@Up And Above Contractors