Sunday, December 2, 2012


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we made a trip to Torrey with one goal in mind - to install the tile on the bathroom floor. This needed to be done because our cabinets should arrive sometime after the first of the year. To our great pleasure, we completed the task without any gnashing of teeth or pulling of hair.

First we measured the floor, determined the layout of the tiles and snapped chalk lines to guide our work.
We began laying the tile in the corner farthest from the door so we would not tile ourselves into a corner.
Here Mary applies thinset mortar
and carefully sets a tile in place.
Scott measured
and cut tiles as needed.
After one and half days we had all of the tile set. We left a narrow space of untiled floor on the right because the cabinets will cover this space. The cabinet maker will shim the cabinets to accommodate the height of the missing tiles against the wall.
Scott applied the grout.
We chose a color that was as close to the color of the tile as possible.
Here Scott is removing the drying grout from the surface of the tiles.

In the book, Setting Tile, by Michael Byrne, we read that a poor grout job can spoil a good tile job. 
We hope we have the best of both.

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