Friday, October 26, 2012

The Help

Finish plaster. Finish plaster. Finish plaster. This was the mantra of the summer. Now that fall has arrived, I keep walking from room to room in order to convince myself that it really is true. The interior plaster is completely finished. And, thanks to Scott’s experiments and ultimate successes in creating the perfect color palette, the walls are even painted.

Scott's Work Station

Looking From Scott's Work Station to the Storage Area

Looking from the Storage Area to Scott's Work Station
It wouldn’t have been possible without Cali and Jerry. In June, when they arrived in Torrey, they had just completed a straw bale internship at Community Rebuilds in Moab. After an entire summer of day-in and day-out plaster work, they have become true plaster artists.

Cali and Her Last Tree
Jerry's Last Day - Exterior Plaster
Artists always sign their work.

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  1. It's looking grand, love the plaster trees. And the photo of your house against the background is really lovely.