Monday, August 6, 2012

Where to Start

Now that we have two employees to help us, we needed to decide where to start. We wanted to have the main living space (kitchen, dining room and south bumpout) done first. If this were to happen right away, we could have our cabinet maker take measurements, work his magic with wood and install the entire shebang before winter. This is exactly what we did.

We are fortunate to have Doug and Shanna back with us for a third summer. This time they are here from Greece. With everyone working together, maybe we really will be able to cover up all of the straw and dirt.

Two weeks ago, Scott, Shanna and I began mixing load, after load, after load of plaster in the mortar mixer. Doug installed the necessary plaster stops and Cali and Jerry plastered away. The main living space is done except for the earthen floor which will be done last.
Cali Plastering
Jerry Plastering
Cali and Jerry in front of the front of first completed plaster wall
Scott, Shanna, Nancy, Lucas and Riley painting the kitchen wall
Our pale yellow ochre kitchen wall
Scott began experimenting with pigments for earthen plaster. Keeping with the natural theme of our entire house, we left the largest walls the color of the earth from which it was made. We chose yellow ochre for the kitchen.

Next we will install the earthen floor.

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