Tuesday, May 29, 2012


While we have been researching cabinets and shelving, we’ve often come across the term “built-ins.” They probably aren’t referring to built-in table saws though.

Last summer, before we put even the first bale of straw in place, we set our very heavy, cast-iron table saw inside the house with the help of our tractor. This saved us time when we needed to cut the many, many, many pieces of wood required to make window bucks, door trim, lath and more. All summer long that table saw sat in Scott’s office doing the work it was created to do. As the days passed by, bales were stacked, plaster was applied, and doors and window installed—the house rose up around it.

Now we are ready to plaster the inside of the house, but we had to get the table saw out. The size of the saw was slightly smaller than the width of the door (we actually did measure to make sure this was true before finishing the walls). But once the walls were up and the doors on, the saw seemed huge. One part of the saw did need to be removed and then a 32-inch-wide, 400 pound mass had to be ever so carefully eased through a 36 inch door without bashing the wood trim. Scott moved it himself, working very slowly and carefully using basic tools—inclined planes and levers—and got it out the door and down to the porch where the tractor could pick it up and move it to the garage. The door trim still looks good.

Table Saw in situ
Table Saw "out situ"

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