Monday, May 31, 2010

All Work and No Play

Scott said from the beginning that we would have more visitors in Torrey than we ever had in Logan, and that is proving to be true. Over the Memorial Day weekend we met Ann, one of our two new neighbors and John and Linda, two visitors to our blog and now friends who live about five minutes away. They invited us for dinner and conversation at their place just off of Sand Creek Road. The trailer that came with their property is a delightful shade of pink that Carol, their neighbor, will be happy to see disappear once John and Linda have built a replacement.

In less than a week we have completed 12 of 16 girts, corrected three errors from last fall's work and realized we need to order a few more timbers to replace some that have twisted so much over time that we don't have the skills to use them and others to replace mistakes we've made.

As the week ended, Phillip and Paul had roughed in the plumbing for the the house, and Tyler and crew had completed the first phase of the floor. Now we can actually walk through our "house" and visualize where we'll be standing to cook dinner and where we'll be sitting while we enjoy the incredible Torrey skies.

The cats have made themselves at home. They venture confidently between the kitty clubhouse Scott built in April and the yurt. We even dare to let them roam around during the day as long as there is no loud construction underway and as long as we can keep our eyes on their wanderings. We were introduced to Carlene who will be able to feed our cats whenever we are out of town.  It's nice to know someone who loves cats as much as we do.

Tomorrow we continue working on timber in hopes of a July raising,  but you know that saying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?" We cannot imagine even a single dull moment here. We've got to keep our noses to the grindstone, but the wildflowers are so beautiful that we'll take time to take pictures in the afternoon and the next morning before heading north for a few days.


  1. Why, thank you!

    PS I have a band saw in SLC with a very big mouth, that I've not used in some years. I used to buy 4" thick poplar boards to laminate to build sculpture, but what I do now I can do with a Bosch jig saw. Do you still need a band saw?

  2. Hi Mary and Scott, I am enjoying reading your blog. Can't wait until you get to the straw bale part of construction. Please don't stop writing about your experience. I am over in Virginia getting ideas for new types of construction. Take care, Judy