Friday, August 28, 2009

The Texaco

When we first contemplated living arrangements in Torrey, we knew restroom facilities would be a challenge. Luckily for us, there is a Texaco service station one mile from the yurt. Jesse, the owner of the Texaco station, didn’t seem to mind our daily visits, but some days that one mile seemed pretty far away. So one of the reasons for building the garage before the house was to provide a toilet and sink for ourselves and work crews plus any visitors that dropped by. Once the septic system was in, this became the next priority.

The interior of the garage was basically finished by the end of July: walls sanded and stained; man door in; outlets, switches, lights, garage door all installed. Three weeks ago we put up the interior walls of the bathroom and hung the door. Next we inserted insulation between the studs and put the exterior walls of the bathroom in place. All of this was done in anticipation of Phillip Winter’s arrival. (He’s our plumber.) We had previously arranged for him to put in two sinks - the porcelain sink in the bathroom and the salvaged stainless steel sink in the workstation in the southwest corner of the garage.

But we were going to purchase and set the toilet ourselves. And that’s where we hit our next snag. Phillip had placed the sewer hole for the toilet based on 2 X 4 construction. Our contractor had framed the bathroom using 2 X 6s. This mixup became apparent as we attempted to lower the toilet into position. The wall was too close to the hole! There wasn’t enough room for the toilet to fit!

After a conversation with Phillip, we learned this was a fairly common and easily solved problem. But, at the moment, it was no consolation since that meant the Texaco station was still in our future.

We spent the next week in Logan running errands which included returning the toilet. We didn’t have to explain to Lowe’s that it was too big. They just refunded our questions asked. Meanwhile Phillip brought in a toilet that fit in a snug space. When we returned, we were very happy to see ...

It has been christened “The Texaco.”

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