Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Beginning

After finding ourselves exploring the southern Utah area year after year after year, we finally realized we really liked it there. Why else would we endure the drive along the Wasatch Front every time a vacation came around? A panorama of red cliffs always signaled the end to the urgency of traffic-filled lanes and a world of noise and nerves left far behind. Eventually we began looking at properies in Moab since we were so familiar with that area, but none of them worked out. Besides, at that point in our lives, we didn't have enough money to buy even the smallest house on the market.

Years passed and Scott was hired to create a slide show of Boulder Mountain for a local organization. It took a few years and many hiking miles to complete the project. By the time he finished, we knew where we had to live - Torrey, a small, story-book town along the Fremont River between Boulder Mountain and Thousand Lake Mountain. It took several more years of searching and saving, but we found our place! So now the adventure begins.

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